Car Insurance on Car Holidays

The Danish summer has bad weather. That is why we Danes often travel abroad. Partly to experience something, and partly to get some better weather. A popular form of travel for the Danes is the car holidays, which are lower in price than air travel if there are more people traveling together.

An essential part of the car holiday is, of course, the car

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Many people have doubts about how the car is covered when driving across the Danish border. If you are one of them you can read about how you are covered and whether it is necessary to take out additional insurance or road assistance for the car.

Before you continue reading, please note that this article is exclusively about how you are covered with your own car. If you rent a car, other rules apply.

You MUST Know This: The Green and Red Cards

You MUST Know This: The Green and Red Cards

At Shylock, we believe that too few car owners know about the green and red card. These cards provide access to some fairly favorable schemes that many have the opportunity to use without actually knowing it.

Here you get an overview of what the red and green card allows:

  • Green card = liability insurance: The green card is proof that you have valid liability insurance on your car. Since it is compulsory for all car owners in Denmark to have liability insurance, it also means that everyone has access to the green card. Read more about the green card further down in the article.

  • Red card = roadside assistance: If you have car insurance on your car, you have access to the red card. The red card allows you for roadside assistance abroad. Read more about this scheme further down in the article.

The green card is your liability insurance abroad

In Denmark, it is compulsory to have liability insurance on your car. The liability insurance covers the damage you may cause to your car or other persons or objects. For example, if you drive into a person on a bicycle, your liability insurance covers the damage both the bicycle and the person have suffered.

Since you have liability insurance in Denmark, you should not be afraid of any consequences of damages as soon as you cross Denmark’s borders. The green card is your proof that you have liability insurance, and you are thus also covered by damage to other persons or objects abroad.

Here you are covered with the green card:

  • EU countries, as well as Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Andorra, and Serbia, where you do not need to bring the card but just your registration number.

  • Albania, Bosnia / Herzegovina, Belarus, Iran, Israel, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, and Ukraine. Here you need to bring the card.

The red card is your roadside aid abroad

The red card is your roadside aid abroad

Although many people are not aware of this, you will actually have access to roadside assistance abroad if you have motor insurance on your car. Road assistance is done through the company, and it is actually a pretty solid help that you have access to.

Through the Red Card and Car International, you can get the following help if you travel abroad:

  • Road assistance at the scene of injury – puncture, for example

  • Towing your car to a workshop if the car cannot be repaired at the scene of damage

  • Local transport and / or hotel stay costs if the car is not completed on the same day.

  • Car

  • Return of persons

  • Home transport of the car

  • Provision of spare parts if they are not available at the site of the damage or the workshop

What about hull insurance?

You have now read how you are covered in relation to liability insurance and roadside assistance, and this eventually leaves the question of how your hull insurance covers abroad.

The hull insurance covers the damage done to your own car. This could be, for example, theft or bullying where the responsibility cannot be placed on some specific people.

As a starting point, your hull insurance also covers when you drive the foreign roads. However, there may be variations depending on which insurance company you have. Therefore, we recommend that you contact them and get personalized advice on how your hull insurance covers abroad.